Captain Cook’s Cottage…Fitzroy Gardens


Captain Cook’s Cottage was originally built in Yorkshire, England in 1755 for Cook’s family. It was just one of the homes he grew up in but he went to sea as a young boy. The cottage came up for sale in 1933 and a man bought it and gave it to Victoria to thank the state for its gifts of food after World War 1. It was given as a centenary house for Melbourne. The cottage was dismantled brick by brick, numbered and packed in crates for its journey to the other side of the world.

It’s one of Melbourne’s most famous tourist attractions. I hadn’t been there for years so was keen to go inside. The rooms are tiny and the ceilings very low. Which is fine for me because I’m short. Anyone else has a hard time though.

At the back there is a kitchen garden. It was really interesting walking around the garden, looking at the photos. Some of the plants look like weeds but the guide was really helpful in pointing out what some of the plants were. Some of them are to be eaten but a lot have medicinal purposes as well.





Captain Cook

Looking across the kitchen garden to the back of the cottage.


My Dad comes from Cleveland, Yorkshire so it was a nice surprise to see this stone came from where he’s from.


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