A walk around South Melbourne – part 1


South Melbourne is one of the oldest suburbs in Melbourne, being just 2kms south of the city. It was originally named Emerald Hill because it was an attractive green hill behind the swampy land south of the Yarra River.

Within a few decades it became one of the homes of the working class. There were a number of industries operating in this and nearby suburbs and they needed somewhere to live. There are streets of tiny workers cottages on the western side of the suburb. Further east are much more grand two and three storey homes with iron lacework. The town hall is one of the most magnificent in Melbourne.


The photos above and below are of the Old St Vincent de Paul Orphanage for Boys. Nowadays it’s the McKillop Family Services building. It is also listed on the Victorian Heritage Register.


The much plainer Orphanage for Girls, located just behind the Boy’s Orphanage.




I love this small building. It was probably an old corner milk bar.

A lovely row of red and gold terraces.



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