Around Circular Quay, Sydney

The old and the new…the modern buildings in the CBD behind the old colonial buildings of early Sydney.

You will find plaques such as these around Circular Quay as part of the Sydney Writers Walk. There are more than 40 plaques on both sides of the Quay.

Captain William Bligh was the captain of the ship The Bounty, famous for the mutiny on the Bounty, made famous by the Mel Gibson movie. However it’s not very well-known that he was a governor in the colony of New South Wales. He played an important part in colonial Australian history. Being a firm disciplinarian, he was made Governor at a time when the young colony of New South Wales needed strong leadership as the military was taking control. They were not meant to be involved in private trading given they were public officials. Bligh’s confrontational style and attempt to stop this trading put a lot of noses out of joint. In the end, Bligh became a part of another mutiny known as the Rum Rebellion.


The Hotel Sebel Pier One. Opposite the Sydney Opera House, and almost beneath the Harbour Bridge, it has some of the most magnificent and close-up views of Sydney Harbour.

More carvings in the sandstone walls.


I love these sandstone blocks. These make up the wall around Hotel Sebel Pier One.





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