Geelong accommodation: Vue Apartments


Last weekend a friend and I went to Geelong for a couple of nights. Each year we like to have a foodie weekend away and check out a different region in Victoria.

We needed a two bedroom apartment which can be quite expensive. I came across a voucher deal for Vue Apartments which provided excellent value. Although we weren’t supposed to have a view of Corio Bay, we could see the water if we looked out of the bedroom windows. It was just a few minutes walk to the beach and restaurants. Very handy when you want to have a drink or two with dinner.

The view of Corio Bay from my friend’s bedroom.


The apartment was compact but well-designed. It had a kitchen with full cooking facilities and a washing machine and dryer. I love being able to be self-sufficient when I’m away.

You may have noticed the mural on the outside of the building is the same as the painting on the lounge room wall. I assume all apartments have the same painting. I didn’t realise it was the same until I was taking the photos of the exterior.



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