Geelong: Waterfront Seafood


There are so many restaurants I want to visit that I rarely get time to revisit ones I love. It must be good for me to go back. Waterfront Seafood is one of the few I’ve been able to revisit. I love their food and service and the fact they serve Chandon wines is a definite reason for me to come back. This was the third time I’ve eaten there this year which, considering it is nearly 100km from my home, is pretty good. It is one of about four (from memory) such eateries on the street level of the Edgewater building.

After reading the menu I had decided what I wanted to eat. The waiter brought our water over and mentioned the specials. One of them was Salmon Wellington. I’ve never heard of Salmon Wellington let alone eaten it. I’m used to seeing Beef Wellington on menus. Being a sucker for anything that has salmon in it I decided to try that. I’m so glad I did. There was no skimping on the size of the salmon fillet either. It was a very generous size. I loved it. I was told I had ordered the last one too so I was really lucky.

This is what the Salmon Wellington looked like inside. As you can see it was a generous piece of salmon.

My friend ordered Snapper.

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