Decoration or dessert



It’s a dessert although I can’t keep it too long or it will go off. So I guess I will have to force myself to eat it. Lol.

The bottom picture is of the set you could buy from Burch and Purchese

The top one is (red, of course) one I was given for a Christmas present.

3 thoughts on “Decoration or dessert

  1. These look so yummy. I just want to lick the white ones!!! Are they chocolates? Cake? They remind me a bit of the gob smackers that I bought in England years ago.

    • Hi Rachel. They are huge though. The size of large Christmas baubles. I can’t remember what is inside but the red one I got is strawberry and hand-painted with 100% Belgian chocolate. I will let you know what is inside when I eat it. It just looks too nice to break.

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