Lighthouses on Kangaroo Island


Continuing the theme on lighthouses I have visited, here are two of the three on Kangaroo Island that I went to on a road-trip that included Kangaroo Island.

The first two photos are of the lighthouse at Cape Willoughby on the north-eastern side of the island. It’s quite a long drive to this part of the island. As we approached we could see the sky darkening due to an impending storm. Luckily it was slow-moving though. We had enough time to walk around, stop at the cellar door in the foreground of the top photo and head back to town. You can see how gray the sky was getting as we left.


This photo was taken at Cape du Couedic lighthouse on the south-west side of the island. There are lots of spectacular natural and man-made features on this part of the island.


2 thoughts on “Lighthouses on Kangaroo Island

    • It’s a stunning island. I think I only stayed there for one night. We didn’t realise how big the island was or how much there would be to see. I’ll go back one day and spend 2-3 nights there to see the rest. Although we did get to see a fair bit of it.

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