Archive | February 18, 2014

Dining in famous company

In yesterdays post I wrote about the food we ate at Rosetta Ristorante.  Today I’m writing about our small brush with fame.

I had my back to a lot of the restaurant and after a while my friend pointed out that Jimmy Barnes (legendary Aussie rock singer) and his wife were eating at a nearby table.  I’m a massive fan of Jimmy Barnes but am so reserved around people I don’t know that I would never approach him.  He was in town for A Day on the Green concert in the Yarra Valley the next day.

The funnier story (well not so much for my friend) is that her favourite comedian, Judith Lucy, walked into the restaurant while my friend was telling me about Jimmy Barnes.  We had a laugh about the fact that she was eating at the same restaurant we were eating at.  Next minute we found Judith sitting at the table next to us.  The gap in between each table is quite small; just enough to squeeze through side-on to the seats.  In other words, very close to us.  We couldn’t help laughing that someone that famous was sitting just centimetres away.  In the end we decided not to disturb her lunch.  We felt bad disturbing her when I’m sure all she wanted to do was go and enjoy lunch with a friend.