Norfolk Island


Our first view of the island. You can see it’s not a large island. Approximately 8kms x 3.5kms. The airport takes up around one third of the island as you can see from the air. The cleared land in the centre is the airport. It took about 4 hours to fly there from Melbourne. The island is only a small island; about 877 kms east of Australia and is a territory of New South Wales with it’s own government.

Phillip Island is about 6km south of Norfolk Island. It is uninhabited due to being so rocky.

This photo was taken as the plane landed and was our first real view of the beautiful, lush green island that was to be our home for the next week.

The airport is tiny. It really only contains a waiting area, small customs area and some offices behind the doors. We learned very quickly that most Islanders work 2 or 3 jobs and can often be seen clearing you through Customs at the airport then serving you your dinner at one of the restaurants.


3 thoughts on “Norfolk Island

  1. I’ve actually been wanting to check out norfolk island ever since there was a write up about it in our local paper. Is the beach there good?

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