Norfolk Island: Freight deliveries


Freight deliveries are a big deal on Norfolk Island. The island is 1600kms from Australia where it gets a lot of it’s supplies. The cheapest way to bring things to the island is by boat. Planes are extremely expensive. Pretty much everything from food to cars and boats are shipped in. And not very regularly either. In fact it is such a big deal that for days before the freighters are due, you can feel the excitement building up amongst the residents. Many of them have begun to run out of stock in their shops or are just looking forward to something new to sell.

We were lucky to be there when a ship was due. If the weather’s not good enough for the goods to be unloaded, the freighters have to wait out at sea for the right day. Therefore, supplies can be tantalisingly close but so far. Everything has to be cleared through Customs so it can take a day or so for the smaller boats to load up from the freighters and unload on the dock. We were among the many people who parked our car and just sat there watching the activity. It was a great insight into such an important event for the island.


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