Norfolk Island….Anson Bay

Anson Bay is the most beautiful beach (in my opinion) on the island. It is very spectacular and rugged and home to some of the most beautiful sunsets. We first saw it in the daytime and decided to go back and watch the sunset one night. However it wasn’t until the last night that we realised we hadn’t seen it. We had been in Kingston and just as the dusk came around we realised we only had a short time to get to the other end of the island. Now that sounds like it’s a long way and will take a long time. However it only took us 8 minutes to get there.

This is what we saw. One of the most beautiful sunsets I had ever seen up to then.

At night you focus on the sun setting on the horizon but during the day you see steep, rugged cliffs, surf hitting the beach and some wonderful bush walks.






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