Mt Buffalo Chalet


The grand, old chalet (it is more than 100 years old) has been closed since the 2007 bushfires prevented access to this part of Mt Buffalo. They have finally decided to open it as a day visitor centre (therefore having no accommodation) with a café, information centre and activity centre for the nearby ski fields. Unfortunately some parts of the complex will be demolished but I imagine they are the parts that cannot be saved.

It is fenced off but we were able to walk around the carpark and to the lookouts. There is an old stone hut on the edge of the carpark that was used in the past. The view from the seats on top of the granite are amazing. I can only imagine what it’s like from the windows of the chalet.

The chalet sits on top of a granite plateau part-way up the mountain. A few hundred metres away, on the edge of the plateau, many hang-gliders launch and fly down to the base of the mountain. It’s also popular for abseiling and rock-climbing.




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