Yum cha at The Treasure

Last weekend was yum cha weekend again. A few weeks before it’s due we scour the food book, magazines and newspapers for somewhere to go. My friend had read about The Treasure in the Melbourne edition of The Good Food Guide. It received a rating of 14/20 in this years book so sounded promising.


Normally it’s hard to park near a yum cha restaurant but there were only a few cars in the carpark. That worried us because we had never seen this phenomenon before. The restaurant was almost empty apart from one table that had patrons eating. We asked the lady serving us and she said it’s not normally busy for Sunday yum cha.

We settled in and were promptly served with a pot of white tea. Yum. This is my favourite tea and although I drink it at home and work, I really associate it with yum cha. The lady returned with the trolley full of yummy yum cha goodness. The first things we chose were prawn toasts and chicken in pastry (I don’t remember the proper name). That was a very tasty start. We followed with a range of dumplings and other goodies. We skipped dessert because we were full and I’m not a big fan of dessert at yum cha. Sometimes they serve fruit salad but they didn’t have any there.








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