Kata Tjuta


Kata Tjuta (formerly known as The Olgas) is about 25kms from Uluru but you can just see it in the distance. It is thought it was created the same way Uluru was. That is, all of it was underground but a massive earth movement hundreds of millions of years ago pushed it up out of the ground. The earth surrounding it eroded to leave the thirty-six domes of Kata Tjuta.

After watching the sun rise and doing part of the base walk around Uluru, we got on the bus to Kata Tjuta, to walk through Walpa Gorge. There are many gorges between the domes but only two are open for walks. They are Valley of the Winds and Walpa Gorge. Walpa Gorge is the main one that people walk through. It is shorter but gives a great representation of the area.

The photo above really shows how tall the domes are; they dwarf the people walking towards them.




This chair is one of a few in the area made from local timber.

The million dollar toilet block. Apparently the cost of building this block was so high because of the cost of the materials and getting them to the site. For all that, they are still an ‘open’ toilet meaning there is no plumbing so all waste goes into huge holes in the ground.

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