Sunset at Uluru (Ayers Rock)

Watching the sun set over Uluru is on everyone who visits must do list. It’s even more spectacular than watching the sun rise. This was the last stop of our very long day that began with watching the sun rise. We were pretty tired by this time and the glass of wine that is included in this experience was very welcome.

Watching the sun set is magical. I’d heard about the colours changing from orange to a purple-ish colour to brown before getting darker and darker as the sun sets on the rock, but that doesn’t prepare you for how spectacular it really is.






3 thoughts on “Sunset at Uluru (Ayers Rock)

  1. Definitely had a gorgeous sunset that evening. It is a beautiful place to visit. Many years later I still remember the breeze in my face as I reached the top of the rock. Climbing was actually encouraged in those days

    • From what I’ve learned lately it was encouraged by the tourism companies and the govts but the indigenous people have never liked it. One of them described it as “you wouldn’t want anyone to climb all over your churches”. That was very thought-provoking.

      But as you said, years ago it was encouraged so you didn’t do anything wrong. A lot of people do climb it nowadays when I’m sure they are fully aware of the requests not to climb it.

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