John Flynn’s grave


John Flynn started the Royal Flying Doctor Service after working in Outback Australia (RFDS). The RFDS is an air service to the people in the remote areas of Australia. They fly doctors to the cattle stations and can fly patients back to hospitals once they have been assessed.

Flynn set up bush hospitals in remote areas and saw how hard it was for doctors to look after patients who lived on in an area of around two million acres. It would take days or weeks for a doctor to get from a main town to the homes of the outback settlers. Over a period of ten years he campaigned for a medical service that would assist those that lived remotely. To begin with they leased planes from the newly-formed QANTAS. In the last 80 years, they have been able to provide a better service as technology has grown. He was known as Flynn of the Inland.

When he died in 1951 he was cremated and his ashes were buried at the base of the Flynn Memorial which is located just outside Alice Springs.




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