The Otway Fly Treetop Walk and Adventure


The Otway Fly treetop walk is in the rainforest of the Otway Ranges in southwest Victoria. I’ve been there a few times and love it. The carpark is in a clearing and you walk down the footpath and descend into the forest. The fly walk then takes you back up to be amongst the canopy provided by the trees. At it’s highest, the walkway is 30m above ground and there is a 17m tower you can walk up to get a view above the trees and into the distance. It’s the longest and tallest treetop walk of it’s type in the world and includes a cantilevered walkway to give you an extra thrill. From start to finish, the walk is approx. 2kms long and can take an hour. Or longer if you want to really take your time. If you look carefully you will also see some dinosaurs lurking amongst the undergrowth.

They have also included a 2.5 hour zipline tour in recent years. It is a fully guided experience, including training and simulation, 8 cloud stations, 6 flights and 2 suspension bridges. You also get free entry to the Walk.

The tower gives you an extra view over the treetops.


The cantilevered arm of the steel walkway. It’s fun to jump up and down. A lot of people get really scared though so it’s best not to do it with strangers around.

Looking up to the tower.

I love the shape of this tree trunk.

Looking down to the fern gully.



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