Archive | July 7, 2014

Meatballs and Sons

Some of you may recall I ate at this new restaurant in Brunswick St, Fitzroy a few months ago. Yesterday I went there again. This time Mum, Dad and I went for my Mum’s birthday.

We all chose the 6oz Mallett burger with melted boconccini, tomato, pickles and tomato relish. We all loved it. I reckon it’s the best burger I’ve ever eaten. We followed that up with dessert. Dad and I had the brownie and Mum had an apple tart. I had the brownie last time so I knew it was delicious. Mum really liked the apple tart. The apple was cooked with the skin on which gave it a nice texture and extra flavour. I had mentioned to the waitress it was Mum’s birthday so she served the apple tart with a sparkler ablaze which was really nice.

Meatballs burger 1

Meatballs burger 2