Spanish Cooking Course

 Last weekend my friend and I finally got to do a Spanish cooking course we first booked in January.  Due to unfortunate circumstances beyond our control the course got rescheduled a couple of times.  I wasn’t getting my hopes up but was really happy when the day arrived. 

There were eight of us and we cooked in pairs.  Each table had a single-burner stove on it and we cooked all the dishes on that stove.  All the food preparation was done for us so we just needed to cook each course.  We started with the Crema Catalina (Spanish version of Crème Brulee) because that had to set for an hour.  Next was the crorquettas, then the pimientos and paella.  Paella is one of my favourite dishes.  At the end we sat at a communal table at the back of the restaurant and ate what we cooked.  It was good to chat with the other ladies while we enjoyed our food.  We really enjoyed the experience and are looking forward to going back to the restaurant.

Finished croquetta



Pimientos with black rice (my first time eating something cooked with squid ink)


Paella – absolutely delicious.  Served with the restaurant’s secret paella spice mix.

Creme Catalina 2

Crema Catalina


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