Darwin: Day 2 – Fogg Dam Conservation Reserve

The reserve is a haven for wildlife near Darwin.  There are birds, snakes (death adder and water python for example) and crocodiles move in during the wet season.  There are boardwalks in the park to make safe for the environment and the people walking around.



What I found fascinating was the history of the dam.  In the 1950’s a project was begun to grow rice in the wetlands.  However it was too wet to grow so it was turned into the wetlands bird sanctuary.  There is a trail called the Humpty Doo Rice Trail (Humpty Doo being the name of the area) dedicated to the history of the area.


It is a beautiful, serene area.  You could sit for hours just watching the wildlife.


I would love to have seen the photo this guy took.  The driver stopped the bus so we could watch a bird in a tree.  She realised that was what the guy was trying to photograph.  He waited very patiently while we looked.  When we began to move we drove very slowly so we didn’t scare the bird out of the tree.


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