Archive | November 7, 2014

Kakadu: Nourlangie rock art





Kakadu has some of the oldest rock art in the world.  Some of it is up to 20,000 years old.  Most of it is very well preserved but some parts are open to the elements and have worn away.

We arrived there after a long drive from Darwin at the beginning of the two day tour of Kakadu.  Apart from a brief stop off for morning tea at a very ‘Aussie’ place, we arrived at Kakadu ready for a walk around Nourlangie to look at the rock art.  This type of art fascinates me and I couldn’t wait to see if.  Our first stop on the walk was up some steps into an open gallery.  We were able to take photos as our guide told us the stories about the art.  Our next stop was another open-air gallery.













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