Gold Coast aerial view… 500th post


Taken from the Observation Deck of the Q1 building on the Gold Coast.

Yesterday was the second anniversary of starting my blog. It started as a blog recording my trip around New Zealand’s South Island. After I finished blogging about that trip I decided I wanted to keep going. It has now turned into trying to post every day. I’ve definitely caught the bug.

Thanks to everyone who regularly reads my blog and my friends that have encouraged me to keep going. And those of you that have shared these experiences with me. I don’t post details about you to protect your privacy. But I’m really glad to have shared these experiences with you.

Cee’s Which Way Challenge post: #1 2014

Cee’s Which Way Challenge post: Tuesday 14th January

This is my first time posting in Cee’s Which Way Challenge. I hope this photo is suitable.

It was taken at The Spit on the Gold Coast, Australia. I love the way the path leads to the lookout. The path was rough and uneven and leads your eye to the lookout then up to the beautiful blue sky.

Word of the Week Photo Challenge: Glitter


There is something truly magical about the sun glittering on an ocean. This was taken on the Gold Coast in Australia earlier this year.

Details of this weeks challenge can be found here