Shopping trolley with a difference


Here in Australia, we have a hardware store chain called Masters. In an attempt to make children’s and therefore parent’s shopping experience easier, they have these trolleys that make the kids look like they are driving a racing car. I think they are cute and a novel way of keeping the kids entertained.



I love taking photos of clouds, sunsets and sunrises (although I’m hardly ever up to see the sun rise).

When I walked outside when I was leaving work the other day I noticed all these tiny clouds in the sky. I couldn’t wait to get my phone out and find a good spot with no cars or people in the way to spoil the photo.

Gift card holders


I make these gift card holders for friends and relatives. I have many different designs, sizes etc and have been thinking of selling some on ebay.

Do you think there would be a market for them? They are low yield though.

Solar eclipse


North east Australia was the place to be this morning.  Cairns, Queensland and the surrounding area was the best place to see the solar eclipse.  Apparently people began booking accommodation 3 years ago for last night to make sure they could be there to witness this big event.  Others who left it too late to book accommodation slept in their cars then turned and drove back the hundreds of kilometres they had travelled to Cairns.  It would certainly have been worth the night of roughing it.

There was a lot of cloud in the sky in the leadup but it magically cleared for the 2 mins the eclipse occurred.

In Melbourne, and on other parts of the east coast of Australia, we had a partial eclipse.  Despite the weather forecast being for a lot of cloud cover there were no clouds in the sky when I left the house for work.


Scienceworks Melbourne: Wallace & Gromit’s World of Invention

A few weeks ago Mum and Dad went to see this exhibition at Scienceworks.  All our family love Wallace and Gromit.  The detail on each piece is amazing.

On display were some of their inventions such as the tellyscope, the Blend-o-matic, and the Thinking Cap as well as a model of their house at 62 Wallaby Street.  What looked most interesting to me was their film sets.  It took hours to film just a few seconds of each film using these sets.

The exhibition ends on Sunday 11th November so if you’re in Melbourne you only have a few days to check it out for yoursef.

2013 Diary

Yesterday I bought my 2013 diary which is always a rather time-consuming task for me because I love my diaries.  I researched diaries online then went to 3 different shops at a shopping centre before settling on this one.  This one looks fun and although I normally like a day to a page I loved to ‘fun’ look of this one.

So, have you bought your diary yet?  I know I’ve got mine a little early but there are only 71 days of 2012 left lol.  The real reason is that I’m already starting to book a lot of things for next year and the 2013 AFL fixture is due to come out before the end of the month.

I got mine from Kikki K