Burger and wine deal

Who doesn’t love a Parma and a Pot (glass of beer) or a Burger and Wine deal? I’m not sure if these are available outside of Australia but here they are on most pub and ‘modern Australian’ menus. Last night my friend and I went to a restaurant called Switch at Fountain Gate shopping centre and chose our wine and burger for the second week in a row. Normally we have a policy of not going to the same restaurant too many times because there are so many to choose from.

I don’t really eat burgers but both weeks I chose the Pulled Pork burger. It was delicious but I’ve had my fill of burgers for a while.

After dinner we went to the Village Cinema to watch Ladies in Black, a lovely Australian movie directed by Bruce Beresford with a great Australian cast.

I’m back

Sooo life has got in the way of blogging in the last nine months. That and putting unnecessary pressure on myself to blog every day.

A friend of mine has recently started blogging and she has inspired me to freshen up my blog and start blogging again. This time I won’t make myself blog every day.

I’m looking forward to interacting with you all again.  I’ve got a lot of catching up to do on the blogs I follow.

Vic/SA: Cape Nelson Lighthouse, Portland

The lighthouse sits atop jagged cliffs, more than 50m above the sea on the Victorian coast at Portland. I think this is where I fell in love with lighthouses. Ever since, if I’m near a lighthouse I just have to go and see it. This one is still operational and provides a beacon over Bass Strait, one of the most dangerous waters in the world.




The old cottages have been converted to accommodation since we visited but the lighthouse is no longer manned. Technology does all the work now.