Gold Coast skyline


Looking from Broadbeach to Surfer’s Paradise. The tallest building is Q1. It was the tallest residential building in the world up until 2011 and is still one of the tallest buildings in Australia and the Southern Hemisphere.

Cee’s Which Way Challenge post: #1 2014

Cee’s Which Way Challenge post: Tuesday 14th January

This is my first time posting in Cee’s Which Way Challenge. I hope this photo is suitable.

It was taken at The Spit on the Gold Coast, Australia. I love the way the path leads to the lookout. The path was rough and uneven and leads your eye to the lookout then up to the beautiful blue sky.

Solar eclipse


North east Australia was the place to be this morning.  Cairns, Queensland and the surrounding area was the best place to see the solar eclipse.  Apparently people began booking accommodation 3 years ago for last night to make sure they could be there to witness this big event.  Others who left it too late to book accommodation slept in their cars then turned and drove back the hundreds of kilometres they had travelled to Cairns.  It would certainly have been worth the night of roughing it.

There was a lot of cloud in the sky in the leadup but it magically cleared for the 2 mins the eclipse occurred.

In Melbourne, and on other parts of the east coast of Australia, we had a partial eclipse.  Despite the weather forecast being for a lot of cloud cover there were no clouds in the sky when I left the house for work.


Hang gliding off Mt Tamborine

After we left Wayne Clements’ gallery Carol asked if I would like to go and watch the hang gliding.  Whenever the conditions are good for it (which lets face it, is most of the time on the Gold Coast), dozens of people get their gear out and go up to the mountain.   They love the views of the hinterland they see when gliding through the air.  One of them described it as floating through the air and being so peaceful.   It’s not something I would like to do but it was such a lovely day.  Perfect for sitting on the side of the mountain and watching them launch off the side.  It can be hard to park so we parked down the road and walked back to the launching spot.

Curtis Falls….Mt Tamborine

Before we went to Gallery Walk, we drove to one of the National Parks on Mt Tamborine to go for a small bushwalk.  We were going to walk the 1.5km return track to Curtis Falls.  As you walk the track, you descend into a Eucalypt forest.  It was only around 10am so the air smelled really fresh.  I love walking at this time of the day.  We walked along a twisty path, past extremely tall eucalypts and other smaller trees and bushes.  As we got closer to the Falls there were quite a lot of steps.  When we got to the bottom we saw a small pool and further around the next corner we came across the Falls.  There has been a lot of rain recently so there was plenty of water falling into the small pool.  The sun was shining through the canopy, casting a beautiful glow through the trees.

Curtis Falls


As we walked back up all the steps to the flatter path then back to the car we began looking for scrub turkeys.  I was beginning to think they were a mythical creature because I hadn’t seen any.  Apparently there was one near the start of the path at the car park.  We did see mounds of mulch that the turkeys create but I thought they were just mounds of mulch.  It became a bit of a joke and that’s when I began to think they were a mythical creature.  Bec even googled it to prove that it was real.