In the past few years I’ve become a bit of a foodie.  One of my good friends and I like to try new restaurants around Melbourne and regional Victoria.  Sometimes we re-visit places we have enjoyed eating at in the past. 

These days there are so many websites offering discount vouchers that we have been able to try even more restaurants and cuisines.  One other source of inspiration is The Entertainment Book which is a book of vouchers that is purchased around May each year and has hundreds of vouchers for restaurants.  The vouchers must be handed in when you dine but that just encourages us to try different places.  The Age Good Food Guide is also a good place to find a nice restaurant.

With this blog, I’ll aim to post photos and share the experiences of the meals and places I travel to.  I love taking photos of the meals and am disappointed when restaurants ask us not to take photos.  Not that that has happened many times.  My passions are photography, sport, travel and food, not necessarily in that order.