Word of the Week Photo Challenge: Glitter


There is something truly magical about the sun glittering on an ocean. This was taken on the Gold Coast in Australia earlier this year.

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Word of the week photo challenge: Wood


I took this photo when I was on Norfolk Island, a tiny island in the southwest Pacific Ocean and north of New Zealand. Despite being 1400 kilometres from Australia, it is in fact a part of New South Wales but has it’s own government. It is closer to New Caledonia than Australia. It began settled life as a penal colony in the 1800’s. It is now a beautiful, peaceful island with absolutely stunning scenery.

I found this wooden boat beside a building in the main town of the island, Kingston.

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Word a week challenge: Light


I took this photo last weekend of the magnificent lightshow projected on to the Melbourne Town Hall.  There are 3 different scenes that last a total of around 10 minutes.  There were hundreds of people sitting on the footpath and even the road.  I thought a few people were going to get run over by the trams.

Every week on the A Word in your Ear blog, a weekly challenge is posted  We are invited to take a photo that relates to a particular word.  This weeks word is Light.

A Word a Week Photo Challenge: Flower (2)

I could post a thousand photos of flowers.  I love taking photos of them.  This is another one taken at the gardens the other day.  I think it’s a hippeastrum or amaryllis.  If you know for sure please let me know in the comments below.