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Weekly photo challenge: Room

Old town hall 2

The Old Darwin Town Hall Ruins were originally built in 1883 during the Pine Creek gold rush. This building earlier survived the bombing of Darwin by the Japanese during WWII, only to be eventually destroyed by Cyclone Tracy 30 years later. Heritage listed, the Darwin Town Hall Ruins are all that remain today constructed in 1882.

Nowadays the ruins are used to house theatre performance. It is now one giant room that provides a backdrop for open-air theatre.


Beauty in dereliction


This old, derelict building sits opposite the Vue Apartments in Geelong. I can visualise the building as it would have been in its prime. It must have been very striking in those days. It was built in the late 1880’s as a hotel but was converted to the Ritz Flats at some point. Apparently it has been empty and decaying for about 30 years. It’s such a shame it has been let go to the point that it should be bulldozed.



Beautiful old homes….East Melbourne


I saw these beautiful homes on my walk around East Melbourne. This suburb is just outside the CBD.

This house was the home of Peter Lalor, one of the leaders of the Eureka Stockade in 1854. After the stockade he became a Member of Parliament and moved to this house.

This row of terraces actually contains four homes but it looks like there are two. It’s only when you look closely at the front door that you realise there are two doors on the right and two on the left.



This was the home of Sir John Monash, a great Australian military commander in World War 1.


St Patrick’s Cathedral Melbourne


The foundation stone for this simply stunning cathedral was laid in 1870, just 35 years after Melbourne was settled. It is located in East Melbourne, an area that is not the most familiar to me. The best way for me to get to know an area is to walk around so I set out to discover more about that side of the city. St Pat’s was the first place on my list of buildings to photograph.

The interior is simply awe-inspiring. It really makes me wonder how they could build such churches given the lack of technology. Compared with today when we have the technology but don’t even try to replicate the architectural detail of these old buildings.








Hotel Intercontinental (Menzies at Rialto)



This beautiful building is the only one in Melbourne to stretch from one street to the next, from Collins St to Flinders Lane. It is actually two buildings joined together with a glass atrium. It also shows how steep the land is in that area. The Flinders Lane side of the building is two storeys lower than the Collins St side.

The Wool Exchange was located in one of the buildings and another wool-based business in the other one. Nowadays they are a hotel and there is a great museum depicting the history of the buildings. When the Grollo family wanted to build the Rialto Towers next door, they were told they had to faithfully renovate the hotel. They have made the buildings into a beautiful hotel.

The Flinders Lane entrance. You can see the glass atrium on the right side of the photo.