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St Patrick’s Cathedral Melbourne


The foundation stone for this simply stunning cathedral was laid in 1870, just 35 years after Melbourne was settled. It is located in East Melbourne, an area that is not the most familiar to me. The best way for me to get to know an area is to walk around so I set out to discover more about that side of the city. St Pat’s was the first place on my list of buildings to photograph.

The interior is simply awe-inspiring. It really makes me wonder how they could build such churches given the lack of technology. Compared with today when we have the technology but don’t even try to replicate the architectural detail of these old buildings.








New Zealand….Day 19 windy Wellington lived up to its name

After arriving back at the cable car station we began a walk around town.  We wanted to see some of the famous buildings such as the Beehive (above).  The Beehive is the building where the Prime Minister and other government ministers have their offices.  The architecture is very distinctive which is something I love. 

The Beehive and Parliament House.

Next to those two buildings is the Parliamentary Library. It’s a beautiful old colonial building.

By this time the weather was becoming very uncomfortable.  It got windier and colder.  In fact on the news that night they said it had been one of the windiest days they had had for a while.  It was all part of the experience though.  I can now say that I know how windy it can be in windy Wellington.

We walked a few streets to see Old St Paul’s Cathedral.  It was built in the 19th century from local timbers and is a great example of NZ buildings from that time.  It looks quite simple from the outside but I’m told it’s magnificent inside.  Unfortunately we couldn’t go in because there was a funeral taking place.

By this time we were getting hungry so we walked back into the main part of the CBD, past the Archives New Zealand building.  We noticed they had a cafe so decided to eat there.  We then decided we’d better go to Te Papa (Museum of New Zealand) which was our destination for the afternoon and on the other side of the CBD.  We couldn’t work out how to get their on public transport so decided to do what we love: walk.  We took the waterfront route along the harbour, passing some lovely and some unusual buildings.

We could finally see our destination: Te Papa (Museum of New Zealand)