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Gold Coast aerial view…..my 500th post


Taken from the Observation Deck of the Q1 building on the Gold Coast.

Yesterday was the second anniversary of starting my blog. It started as a blog recording my trip around New Zealand’s South Island. After I finished blogging about that trip I decided I wanted to keep going. It has now turned into trying to post every day. I’ve definitely caught the bug.

Thanks to everyone who regularly reads my blog and my friends that have encouraged me to keep going. And those of you that have shared these experiences with me. I don’t post details about you to protect your privacy. But I’m really glad to have shared these experiences with you.

Cee’s Which Way Challenge post: #1 2014

Cee’s Which Way Challenge post: Tuesday 14th January

This is my first time posting in Cee’s Which Way Challenge. I hope this photo is suitable.

It was taken at The Spit on the Gold Coast, Australia. I love the way the path leads to the lookout. The path was rough and uneven and leads your eye to the lookout then up to the beautiful blue sky.


Word of the Week Photo Challenge: Glitter


There is something truly magical about the sun glittering on an ocean. This was taken on the Gold Coast in Australia earlier this year.

Details of this weeks challenge can be found here http://suellewellyn2011.wordpress.com/2012/12/30/a-word-a-week-photo-challenge-glitter/

Hang gliding off Mt Tamborine

After we left Wayne Clements’ gallery Carol asked if I would like to go and watch the hang gliding.  Whenever the conditions are good for it (which lets face it, is most of the time on the Gold Coast), dozens of people get their gear out and go up to the mountain.   They love the views of the hinterland they see when gliding through the air.  One of them described it as floating through the air and being so peaceful.   It’s not something I would like to do but it was such a lovely day.  Perfect for sitting on the side of the mountain and watching them launch off the side.  It can be hard to park so we parked down the road and walked back to the launching spot.

Curtis Falls….Mt Tamborine

Before we went to Gallery Walk, we drove to one of the National Parks on Mt Tamborine to go for a small bushwalk.  We were going to walk the 1.5km return track to Curtis Falls.  As you walk the track, you descend into a Eucalypt forest.  It was only around 10am so the air smelled really fresh.  I love walking at this time of the day.  We walked along a twisty path, past extremely tall eucalypts and other smaller trees and bushes.  As we got closer to the Falls there were quite a lot of steps.  When we got to the bottom we saw a small pool and further around the next corner we came across the Falls.  There has been a lot of rain recently so there was plenty of water falling into the small pool.  The sun was shining through the canopy, casting a beautiful glow through the trees.

Curtis Falls



As we walked back up all the steps to the flatter path then back to the car we began looking for scrub turkeys.  I was beginning to think they were a mythical creature because I hadn’t seen any.  Apparently there was one near the start of the path at the car park.  We did see mounds of mulch that the turkeys create but I thought they were just mounds of mulch.  It became a bit of a joke and that’s when I began to think they were a mythical creature.  Bec even googled it to prove that it was real.

Gold Coast – Mt Tamborine

On a beautiful, sunny and warm Sunday morning, Carol, Bec, Brad and I drove to Mt Tamborine.  Mt Tamborine is in the hinterland of the Gold Coast, just 30 mins drive from Surfers Paradise.  When flying into the Gold Coast, we flew over the mountain.  It looked lush and green and I was looking forward to visiting an area of Australia I hadn’t seen before.

I was assured the roads aren’t too windy.  We had all been in New Zealand and experienced many long and windy roads on a 48-seater coach and I had avoided such roads since coming home.

I wanted to go and visit Wayne Clements’ art gallery in Eagle Heights.  http://www.wayneclements.com.au/  Wayne is an artist that paints with larger brushes than most artists.  My Dad watches his show on community tv every week.  Sometimes I get to watch him too and the paintings he produces are amazing considering the large brushes he uses.  He paints portraits and a lot of landscapes.

Carol thought his gallery might have been on Long Road, cleverly named Gallery Walk, a picturesque, tree-lined street in Eagle Heights.  http://www.discovertamborine.com.au/index.php/gallery-walk-east/.  There are over 70 shops, cafes and art galleries along the street.  Along with the usual craft shops there are two fudge shops.  I bought my fudge (one was Kahlua and the other one was Cookies and Cream) from the first one but I can’t remember what the shop was called.  The second one is called Fudge Heaven http://www.fudgeheaven.com.au/.  Although I didn’t buy anything from there I tried some of the ‘adults only’ fudges as well as the Lemon Meringue fudge. That’s currently my favourite flavour.

I wanted to have Devonshire Tea for brunch so we went to Gallery Cafe.  The cafe is set back on the property with outdoor seating at the front and side.  There are lots of trees surrounding the cafe.  They also have a function room where they host a lot of weddings.  It was still a little chilly on the mountain so we sat inside.  The service and the food were really nice.  Bec’s plate had a Have a nice day written with chocolate sauce.  It was a really nice touch.

Jabbawockeez at Jupiters Casino

The Jabbawockeez were finalists on America’s Got Talent some years ago and are now performing at Jupiters on the Gold Coast.  The show is a hilarious mix of mime, dancing and expression-less white masks.  There are around seven performers on stage at any one time.

I loved the unusual start to the show and laughed and clapped my way through the 90 minute show.  The end came too quickly.  I wished it could have gone on for at least another 30 mins.

Here’s a review:  http://www.goldcoastmagazine.com.au/2012/04/review-jabbawockeez-mus-i-c/

If you’re on or near the Gold Coast they have several shows, including matinees, each week and tickets are very reasonably priced.

Long weekend on the Gold Coast – July 27th 2012


I flew to the Gold Coast, Qld for a long weekend last Friday.  I was going to stay with Carol and her children Bec and Brad.  We met on the coach tour in New Zealand in January and have kept in touch since.  I was also going up there to watch the Swans play the Gold Coast Suns, a team I’ve never watched before.

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The flight was nice and smooth and arrived on time.  Carol met me and we drove to her house.  Apparently I had just missed the Swans’ players arriving at the airport.  What a shame! I would have loved to see them and had the chance to have my photo taken with the players or just take photos of them.  For dinner we went to Sizzler at Mermaid Beach.  Sizzler was a chain of restaurants that used to be in Melbourne around 20 years ago.  They were one of the first to offer a buffet of salads, pasta and desserts.  Their food was just as I remembered it, including the cheesy toast.  You can also order off the menu but we all chose the salad bar.  Brad made his own soft drink. It had a mixture of all the soft drinks from the self-serve drink machines.  Funnily enough it looked like coke even though there wasn’t much coke in there.   I was very happy to have eaten there again.

On Saturday morning we drove to The Spit which has awesome views looking back to Surfers Paradise and its tall buildings.  There were a few people fishing off the rocks.  Carol pointed out a group of swimmers and explained they swim across to South Stradbroke Island to surf.  They then have to swim back. It looks risky because there are a lot of boats driving up and down the waterway.  The surf looked pretty good though so I’d say it’s worth it.

From there we drove to Surfers Paradise.  We walked to Cavill Avenue.  They are in the process of redeveloping the streetscape of the mall so it will look even better when it opens.  I was a little disappointed by the mall.  There were so many junk food chains there.  We found a shop called Gelatissimo which sold gelati ice cream.  There were so many flavours to choose from.  I chose two scoops – Tangy lemon and a chocolate one.  They were both really nice but I couldn’t eat that much ice cream.