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New Zealand Day 2: Christchurch

January 2nd, 2012

Today was a free day for me as I had arrived a full day before the tour was to start.  After being continually woke by earth tremors during the night I decided not to bother trying to sleep when the 5.5 quake happened.  That’s when I found out that it made the London news. I put the Sky news on and they were talking about it.  You know it’s big when it makes the news on the other side of the world.

After breakfast I asked for directions to Hagley Park.  My Mum had told me it was a must see.  It was further away than I thought which explained why the receptionist looked at me strangely.  It wasn’t that far though.  I love to get out and walk so it was perfect.  It was probably 1-1.5km away.  I didn’t really know what there was to do or see so I stuck to the streets beside the park.  Despite being the middle of summer it was beautiful and green unlike some of the surrounding countryside. I turned down a street and was greeted by the sight of fencing that told me I’d reached the red zone.  That’s when I realised how close I was to the Christchurch CBD.  I took quite a few photos along the way before realising I was getting a little lost.  I wished the receptionist and given me a map of the area.  I would have been more confident and kept walking.  I also realised I didn’t have my purse or any id and credit cards.  I got worried and hoped there were no earthquakes because if anything happned I would only have my hotel key as id.  It’s weird some of the things we think of isn’t it?

I made my way back to the hotel and spent the afternoon watching tv apart from walking down to Merivale Mall but most of the shops were closed.  I didn’t know they have a national holiday on January 2nd.  I got some lunch from McCafe and headed back to the hotel.  Spent a boring but relaxing afternoon watching tv.

At 6pm I went to the bar to meet my fellow travellers on the coach tour.  We enjoyed a welcome drink, meeting each other and dinner.  Another tremor hit while we were having dinner which really shook the restaurant.  You soon get used to them though and we just continued chatting while eating.

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