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Weekly photo challenge: Surprise


This plant was a total surprise to my parents. They compost all their vegetable scraps and use the soil on their garden. A month or so ago tomato plants began rising from the soil in the oddest parts of the garden as well as a few in the vegie garden where they should be. Some are in the front garden and look quite funny amongst the other plants. However they are doing well so will be left where they are growing.

The biggest surprise will be what type of tomatoes they are. They could be large or cherry tomatoes. We are all anticipating what they will be. I’m hoping this one they gave me will be cherry tomatoes.

This weeks challenge comes from http://dailypost.wordpress.com/2012/12/21/weekly-photo-challenge-surprise/

A walk around Yering Station


The grounds of Yering Station are simply gorgeous.  Filled with beautiful gardens, buildings and art, it’s a place I love to visit.  The grapevines are not here; they are scattered around other parts of the Yarra Valley.  On the third Sunday of each month they hold a Farmer’s Market which is extremely popular.


It’s not everyday you see helicopter-only parking.

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The old homestead contains the formal Eleonors restaurant, the informal Sweetwater Cafe (where I’ve eaten) before and luxury accommodation.


The grounds are perfect for weddings.


There is a pool and tennis court for guests.


Peter Brock Foundation rose


The Peter Brock Foundation rose is a hybrid tea rose that commemorates and honours the life of the motor racing legend who died 4 years ago.  It produces these beautiful, red blooms that are lightly scented.  This is the first flower on the rose given to me by my Mum.  There are a lot of buds that will begin to open up soon.