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Merry Christmas to everyone



Well Christmas will be coming to an end very soon in Australia. It’s been a great day. Christmas for me this year was very stress-free. I was able to find the presents I wanted easily and as my parents and I were going to a hotel for lunch, I didn’t have the stress of cooking that many of you have.

The first thing my Mum and I do each Christmas morning is go to the cemetery to put flowers on the graves of our relatives who have died. This is something that both Mum and I have been brought up doing so we know our way around the cemetery but Christmas Day is one of the days of the year that we see people driving around, looking very lost. I saw one lady in particular driving around looking for a gravesite for about 10 minutes.

After that we went to our homes to get ready for lunch. We met at Mum and Dád’s house before driving to the Berwick Inn for a buffet lunch. I wasn’t able to take a photo of the buffet because it was very spread out.

First course for us was seafood (salmon, oysters and king prawns) but we could also have chosen soup.


I was disappointed to find there was no chicken. I hardly eat meat but there were a lot of vegies and some salads.


I hadn’t seen the dessert tables when we walked in but there were lots of yummy things on offer. Of course there was plum pudding. They came in the form of mini puddings which were a great size. They stopped me from eating too much pudding. I also had some profiteroles and a chocolate mousse tart. By that time I was so full. It was a lovely lunch and it was nice to have a meal with my parents.


After that we went to see my brother and his family. We spent a relaxing afternoon with them. It was so nice to have a stress-free Christmas. I feel sorry for everyone who has so much to do and don’t enjoy it.