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Street art…..Hosier Lane changes again


Walking through the the Melbourne’s CBD a few weeks ago, we decided to cut through a building to one of the laneways to make it quicker to get to the station. We came out of the building into Flinders Lane then crossed to Hosier Lane. I was rapt that we just suddenly came upon my favourite street art lane. Some art had changed, some remained the same as the last time I was there. With the Federal Government elections just weeks away there were a number of political pieces of art which were very satirical and interesting.


A lot of people would agree with this. We certainly got a laugh out of it. This was taken about 3 weeks before the recent Australian elections.




more street art in Hosier Lane, Melbourne

This one and the Joker one from my previous post are my favourites in the lane at the moment.

I’ve been walking around Melbourne a fair bit lately, discovering the laneways that Melbourne is so famous for. One I’ve wanted to see for a while has been Hosier Lane, just off Flinders St and opposite Federation Square. It’s one of the most famous laneways in Melbourne due to the art work. There are some great pieces of work. The laneway was full of people taking photos. It’s very popular for brides to have some of their wedding photos and videos using the lane as a backdrop.











A well-known restaurant, MoVida Next Door is located on the corner of Flinders St and Hosier Lane.

More street art: The many faces of Fitzroy


These photos are from the one piece of street art in a side street off Brunswick St. It is such an intricate design. It must have taken a long time to design it let alone paint it. It was so good I wanted to put them in a post of their own.








Even a tv dumped by the side of the road isn’t safe from being painted.

Street art in Melbourne: Fitzroy (part 1)


Last weekend I was itching to go somewhere and take some photos. I put out a call on Facebook for suggestions and one of my friends suggested I go to Johnston St, Fiztroy to look at the street art. That area is well known for it’s art. There are lots of small streets and laneways with plain brick walls that provide the perfect canvas for street artists. I love this kind of art. A lot of people hate it, calling it grafitti but it’s much more than that. These artists are so talented and are encouraged to paint in this area. There’s a lot of similar artwork in the famous laneways of the CBD.