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Yarra Valley lunch at Domaine Chandon

Potato and leek tart with Yarra Valley Persian Feta, roasted tomatoes and roquette.

For our annual Christmas lunch, my friend and I went back to Domaine Chandon. We were going to have lunch at another winery then dessert at Chandon but they had a set menu so we decided to have both courses at Chandon.

Melbourne’s weather in the lead up to Summer has been very average to say the least. We were really surprised to have a beautiful, warm day. It was perfect for sitting out in the sun, enjoying the excellent food and wine. We were there for two hours and were never made to feel uncomfortable for being there that long.

Tempura Zucchini flowers filled with goats cheese and lemon

Pumpkin salad with pancetta and roquette My friend was really surprised to see such a large piece of butternut pumpkin

The view from where I sat. I couldn’t decide which wine to drink with my meal because there are so many beautiful choices. I decided to try the Blanc de blanc selection and wasn’t disappointed.

Afterwards we decided to take a walk around the property. The original homestead is still standing and is used as the Administration wing of the company. We were a little too late for the guided tour so couldn’t go inside but there is a self-guided tour allowing us to view something of the wine-making.






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Yering Station Sculptures


After we walked through the market and made our purchases I walked up to the gallery part of the Station. They often change their sculptures and I’d noticed a different one from the barn where the market is held. We wandered up their to have a look.


This one is made from recycled egg cartons.


Yering Station Farmer’s Market


This well-known market is held on the third Sunday of every month in the Yarra Valley. I haven’t been there for just over a year and had well and truly used up everything I’d bought there. I was able to stock up on my jams and sauces. A lot of stalls had changed and unfortunately some of the ones I loved last time were no longer there but there were some great new stalls. You can buy all types of fresh produce; filled pastas, fruit, vegies, meats, cheese as well as the normal cafe-style cakes and biscuits.

I was able to find some Boysenberry Jam. It’s very hard to find it in any shops and markets so I was really pleased to come across it at one of the stalls. I find it hard to by things like that in the supermarket these days. I tend to buy them from markets because they have so much taste.


Chateau Yering Sculpture Gallery










The gallery is an open-air gallery with a few exhibits indoors.


Looking from the gallery to the barn where they hold a Farmer’s Market one Sunday each month. In my opinion the market is one of the highlights of visiting the Yarra Valley. I can’t wait to go back. I’m hoping to go quite soon.


Domaine Chandon – Yarra Valley


Domaine Chandon is my favourite winery in the Yarra Valley. I first went there a few years ago on a beautiful summer day. Summer is the perfect time for visiting a winery. Most of them have an outdoor area where you can sit and enjoy the weather, the food and, of course, the wine.

The winery is part of the international operations of Moet & Chandon who began producing wine outside France in the 1960’s. This winery was established in 1986 on the site of an old dairy farm called ‘Green point’. They have named their bar and brasserie after the old farm.










Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery


After the walk around the Heide Museum gardens (we didn’t go into the museum itself) we drove around 40 minutes to the Yarra Valley to the Chocolaterie and Ice Creamery. It has only opened fairly recently, in summer I think). A lot of people are raving about how good it is so we decided to check it out for ourselves.

We were surprised how big the place is. It has opened on a very large scale. It’s one very large, open room that serves as both the shop with hundreds of chocolate products and the cafe that serves both savoury and sweet foods.


We ordered a Triple Choc Mousse and White Chocolate and Raspberry Flan. We normally choose one item each and share it but neither of us could finish our share. It was fun to try them though. There was nothing wrong with the taste, they were just too filling.


We both chose the Real Hot Chocolate from the drinks menu. They came served in these large glasses with the smaller cup of melted hot chocolate and a whisk so you can mix a much or as little chocolate as you want. It’s a very cute idea. Again I was unable to finish it though. It was just too big a glass and I wasn’t sure I’d be able to digest it even though it was skinny milk, no matter how yummy it was.




These handbags are such a good idea. I wouldn’t buy one at $59.95 but they are great to look at. I took these photos through the window to the chocolate-making room. It was great to be able to watch the craftsmen and women at work.



They have a 5ft long counter full of different varieties of bite-size chocolates. There were so many flavours to choose from. I chose these three: Baileys, Orange and I can’t remember what flavour the third one was but they were all delicious.

Word a week photo challenge: Clouds (2)

Yarra Valley

Every December, a friend and I go to the Yarra Valley for lunch. Last year (it seems so weird to say that) we went (as we do every year) to Domaine Chandon to have a glass of wine and one course.

The view is one of my favourite. I love to just sit there and enjoy the view. I love this photo because of all the different layers. There’s the clouds, the mountains then the vines.

Details of the challenge can be found at https://deliciousfoodandtravel.wordpress.com/2013/01/06/word-a-week-photo-challenge-cloud/

Domaine Chandon in the Yarra Valley


Domaine Chandon would have to be my favourite winery in the Yarra Valley.  I hate driving past without being able to stop off for a drink.  The view is amazing and I find it so relaxing.  I could sit and watch the nearby mountains all day.  I always sit outside because the air conditioner is too cold.  The Maitre’ d even recognises my friend and I now  because we’ve been coming here for 3 years and I often come at other times as well. 




The view I could sit and watch all day, everyday.  One of the most beautiful places on earth (that I’ve seen).


The Greenpoint restaurant.

A walk around Yering Station


The grounds of Yering Station are simply gorgeous.  Filled with beautiful gardens, buildings and art, it’s a place I love to visit.  The grapevines are not here; they are scattered around other parts of the Yarra Valley.  On the third Sunday of each month they hold a Farmer’s Market which is extremely popular.


It’s not everyday you see helicopter-only parking.

048 054 055 057  063

The old homestead contains the formal Eleonors restaurant, the informal Sweetwater Cafe (where I’ve eaten) before and luxury accommodation.


The grounds are perfect for weddings.


There is a pool and tennis court for guests.


Artwork at Yering Station


Yering Station also displays paintings and sculptures both inside and out.  The one above is called Melted and is of a melted icecream.  I thought it was really clever and was my favourite even though there were other great sculptures on the property.



This blue polar bear was the most interesting sculpture.


I think this was called Reflections.






Yering Station……Lunch with a view – December 1st

Every year at Christmas time, my friend Mel and I drive the short drive to the Yarra Valley for a Christmas celebration lunch.  It’s only about half an hour from my house so I’m very lucky to live so close, given that it’s one of the best wine regions in Australia.  This was our third time in what has become an anuual event.

This year we decided to do a bit of winery hopping.  Lunch was at the Wine Bar Restaurant at Yering Station.  We enjoyed magnificent views of the valley while eating.  I wasn’t well but somehow the view and the food made me feel a little better.


The view from our table.  The wine is Yarrabank Late Disgorged Cuvee Brut Sparkling which was a lovely, light sparkling wine.


We shared an entree of Wagyu beef tartare, smoked beetroot and pickled onion.  It was quite filling so we both agreed that it was good that we shared it.


Mel’s main meal of Hapuka, tempura zucchini flower and squid ink.


My main meal of Roasted pepper and herb tortellini with pecorino, sliced almonds and parsley oil.

Overall it was a beautiful meal but not cheap.  However it is featured in The Age Good Food Guide as one of the best restaurants in the Yarra Valley so you can’t expect a cheap meal.  We have now eaten at a few restaurants from the guide and look forward to eating at more.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Reflections (1)


I took this photo yesterday and then read that the challenge for this week was Reflection.  Perfect timing!

This sculpture was taken at Yering Station winery in the Yarra Valley.  There are a lot of sculptures on the property and this one was in the pond.

Yering Market

Taking a break from my New Zealand album today because I’m finishing off a big scrapbooking project and I have a deadline of Thursday night.

In July, a friend and I went to the Yering Farmer’s Market in the Yarra Valley.  It was the first time for both of us so we didn’t know what to expect.  The market had been featured on an episode of Postcards earlier this year so we put it on our ‘to do’ list.

They run the market from a barn but since it’s become so popular they now have stalls outside both entrances.  You can buy everything from fresh pasta to cupcakes, jams, sauces and fudges.  Oh and of course they also sell fruit and vegies.  There are also butchers that sell very popular meats.  I couldn’t get near any of the butcher stalls.

Beautiful cupcakes are made by Little Red Wagon Cupcakes, a Yarra Valley business.  They were delicious.