Geelong: Fishbowl restaurant


Staying at the Vue Apartments entitled us to a 25% discount at three different restaurants in Geelong. We chose the one that was nearest our hotel. In fact it was diagonally opposite and was called Fishbowl.

I love being able to view menus online. It saves so much trouble wondering if the menu will be suitable. We had a table in the window, overlooking Corio Bay in the near distance. I loved being able to gaze at the water while the sun was setting.

King George Whiting- Tempura King George whiting fillets, home-style style chunky fries, chefs green salad. I love King George Whiting. It’s one of my favourite varieties of fish. It’s not the cheapest and can have a lot of bones but it is beautiful.

Seared Scallops – Pan seared scallops with roasted almond and capsicum oil served with aoli and saffron bur blanc. This was my friend’s meal.

We ordered dessert but really didn’t enjoy that. I ordered the Organic Apple and Date Strudel. There were so many things wrong with it I sent it back and the waitress had it taken off our bill. My friend ordered Creme Brulee. She didn’t enjoy it much but decided not to return it because I’d returned my strudel.

I started the night with my favourite Toblerone cocktail. So nice on a warm day.

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