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Victoria/South Australia: Kangaroo Island


The destination on our road trip was Kangaroo Island. It’s Australia’s 3rd largest island and is just off the coast of South Australia. You can fly from Cape Jervis on the mainland or take the ferry. If you know me you will know I would have chosen the ferry because I hate small planes. And small boats. So the ferry was the only option.

We got my car and drove off the ferry. Once we got to the top of the hill we weren’t sure what to see so we stopped to find an information office. They gave us a few suggestions and maps and we headed off to the town of Kingscote where we were staying. I noticed the view in the above photo in the rear vision mirror so stopped to take the photo. You can see across the sparkling ocean to the mainland of South Australia. It’s a stunning view.

Kangaroo Island holiday 2005074

Kangaroo Island holiday 2005101

Victoria/South Australia: Granite Island (Victor Harbor)


Granite Island is just off the coast of Victor Harbor on the southern coast of Australia. It is home to a colony of little penguins. There are tours run at dusk every night. Visitors can watch the penguins swim ashore and walk up to their burrows in the sand. We didn’t stay to watch this parade but I have seen similar ones at Phillip Island. The penguins are so cute, waddling up the beach.

You can walk on the bridge to the island or hop on the horse-drawn tram. They have a team of fourteen Clydesdales that take turns carrying passengers to and from the island. It is only a 630m walk but it’s a lot of fun going there or back on the tram.




Penguins have right of way on the island.




Victoria/South Australia: Bordertown – Childhood home of a Prime Minister


This modest house in a street off the main highway was where former Prime Minister, Bob Hawke, lived as a child.
These days it is being used as an office of community organisations. It was originally built in the late 1800’s as a branch of the National Australia Bank.


Victoria/South Australia – The Giant Koala

1 Big Koala

The Giant Koala is an icon and one of the ‘big’ things Aussies are so fond of. It is located on the Western Highway in the tiny ‘blink and you will miss it’ town of Dadswells Bridge.

I didn’t know it existed until we saw the signs that told us we were approaching it. Lucky there was no one driving behind us because I had to quickly put my foot on the brake to slow down to drive in to the carpark.

4 Big Koala

Weekly Photo challenge: Serenity


I love sitting on the beach looking back over water to a city. In this case we were at East Point Reserve in Darwin looking back to the town centre. The beach was deserted so it was lovely and serene.

Ambrosia Restaurant

Ambrosia Restaurant in Berwick in south-east Melbourne is a favourite and go-to restaurant when we’re not sure where we want to eat. It’s mostly only known to locals (which I’m not) but a friend introduced me to it years ago and we’ve been going ever since. I won a magnum of sparkling wine there one year. Their food is excellent and so is the service.

This time I decided to order an entree-sized main meal so I could have dessert. I made my decision as soon as I saw the Affogato on the dessert menu.

Ambrosia 1
Lemon pepper & sea salt calamari with lemon aioli. The lemon aioli was especially delicious.

Ambrosia 2
My friend order the Eye fillet steak on mash potato with potato croquettes and mushroom sauce

Ambrosia 3
Affogato with Baileys challenge: Macro – Kitchen

I decided to Google ‘photo challenges’ for todays post. I came across this blog and liked what I saw. The current them is Macro – Kitchen and they ask you to take a photo, not post one from our archives. So I picked up my iphone and studied my kitchen, trying to find something interesting to photograph. I took quite a few photos but some of the objects were too mundane to post. I settled for some oranges I had on the bench. Macro photography is something I really want to try more this year.

Macro orange

Melba’s Restaurant, Langham Hotel

In November I went to Melba’s Restaurant for the first time in a long time. They offer an upmarket buffet overlooking Melbourne’s skyline. There are so many different stations it’s hard to eat from all of them (but many give it a try). Among them are: Sushi and Seafood, Indian, Asian, Italian, Carvery, Salads, a chocolate fountain and of course the Dessert station.

I enjoyed everything I tried, especially the Naan bread that was made by the chef while you wait. I chose the one with garlic, potato and spiced lamb. It was delicious.  I was too full to try the chocolate (I can’t believe I’m saying that now lol).

The restaurant is very elegant and refined. The staff very friendly and courteous and it made the dinner so much more enjoyable.

Click to access MELBADINNERSAMPLEMENU2012.pdf

Melba 1

Melba 2


Melba 3

Melba 5

Melba 8

Melba 9

Melba 11

Melba 14

Melba 10

Melba 12

Melba 16




Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth (Darwin Harbour)

Ok, I know I’m a little late but here’s my entry. I mentally chose this photo when I first saw the prompt but haven’t had a chance to post it.

The gorgeous shades of orange cry warmth to me. It was taken on a very warm night in Darwin last May.

Darwin sunset

Motorcross bike stunts

In Australia we are currently holding our annual T20 Big Bash cricket tournament. One of the teams, Melbourne Renegades, have motorcross bike stunts as their pre-game and half time entertainment. The display of jumps is awesome. One day I’ll have to go to a proper Motorcross event because they are limited in what they can do.

Here are a few photos I took at tonights game.

Motorcross 2015 1

Motorcross 2015 2

Motorcross 2015 3

Motorcross 2015 4

2014 in review

One of the things I love receiving from WordPress at the end of the year is the ‘Your xxxx year in blogging’ report. It’s a succinct recap of the year that was: how many posts I posted, where my readers come from etc.

In reality, my year had ups and downs the same as anyone. The highlight was watching my nephew grow in his first year. Babies are so much fun, there is something new every day. And my holiday to Darwin was my travel highlight. The photo below is probably my favourite of the holiday which included trips to Kakadu and other national parks.


Below is the report issued by WordPress if you would like to read it. It helps me set goals for this year such as posting more than the 208 times I posted last year. I would love to be able to post every day but that’s not always possible.

Thank you to all of you for reading my blog. I love having this outlet for my writing.