Burch and Purchese….more yummy treats

Raspberry, Laurent Perrier Champagne, Peach & Lemon. Raspberry jam, lemon curd, blood peach cream, raspberry compote, white chocolate and raspberry blondie, champagne jelly, champagne and white chocolate mousse.


Green tea, Blackcurrant, Yuzu and White Chocolate.
Pistachio cake, pistachio cream, blackcurrant cream, green tea meringue, yuzu curd, vanilla & white choc mousse, white choc velvet spray, micro green tea sponge. I hadn’t heard of Yuzu before but it’s a Japanese citrus fruit. The fruit has a strong scent which can be smelled across a room.

Decoration or dessert



It’s a dessert although I can’t keep it too long or it will go off. So I guess I will have to force myself to eat it. Lol.

The bottom picture is of the set you could buy from Burch and Purchese

The top one is (red, of course) one I was given for a Christmas present.

Burch and Purchese


Burch and Purchese is just around the corner from Adriano Zumbo’s Patisserie so we just had to go there. The staff at B & P are so friendly which is something that was missing at Zumbo’s. They will chat to you about the what they are currently selling, the ingredients and what is coming out soon.

In the photo above we have:

top left: Pineapple, Mango and Chocolate – the pineapple and mango seem like an odd combination but they really work well together in this dessert.
top right: Explosive Raspberry Milk Chocolate – this is a bit bitter but sooo tasty. If you don’t mind a little bitterness but love the taste of raspberry you will love this one.
bottom: Lime Tartlet – sweet little tartlet with a burst of lime.






It’s hard to believe these chocolate baubles are really a dessert. If you gave them to someone they would think they need to be hung on a Christmas tree. They are gorgeous.

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Burch & Purchese Sweet Shop – delectable desserts & cakes

Just around the corner from Mama Baba is my absolute favourite dessert shop, Burch & Purchese Sweet Shop in South Yarra.  Darren Purchese is one of Australia’s best sweet chefs and like Heston Blumenthal blends food with science to produce the most delectable desserts.  Not only do they taste beautiful, they look so good.  Their website is but they are building a new website.

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